As an I Phone user enjoying the best virtual experience is something that can be easily guaranteed with VR apps. All you need to do to enjoy the VR for I Phone apps is to get hold of a headset along with some of the best VR for I Phone apps and you are set to have the finest virtual experience ever. To know more about the wonderful VR apps that you can get hold of for your I Phone you need to keep the following points in mind.

Google Street View

Google Street View is one of the most well known VR for I Phone apps which you can procure in order to ensure that your virtual reality experience is a desirable one. You will be able to get a virtual tour of just about any city or town with the help of this app. This is a mobile friendly version of Google Maps and it lets you create your very own photo spheres of three hundred and sixty degrees which you can then end up adding to your collection. Virtual reality views of any place in the world, even remote cities and towns are what you can easily when you use this app.

Jaunt VR App

The JAUNT VR app is also a VR for I Phone app that is worth using. This is an app that lets you want three sixty degree and other virtual reality videos at any given hour of the day, irrespective of whether these are sports, music or travel videos. There are cute animated options for kids that make this app worth getting hold of, especially if you have children at home who like to use the I phone every now and then.


If you use your I Phone for watching movies then procuring the NYT VR app would certainly prove to be a good idea. This is an app that allows for high quality virtual reality cinematic experiences. You can literally pay virtual visits to planets in outer space like Pluto or virtually climb skyscrapers like the World Trade Centre when you have this app in your possession.


Relax VR

Relax VR is a VR for I Phone app that you can use specifically for the purpose of relaxation. This is an app that lets you virtually get away to the most scenic of locations with soothing mediation music often playing in the background.

Star Char VR

If astronomy is your passion then having the Star Char VR for I Phone app would prove to be wonderful for you. This is an app that can literally enable you to virtually experience the solar system.


Thus, there are quite a few wonderful VR for I Phones that you should certainly go ahead and get in your I Phone. The I Phone apps mentioned above are designed to entertain people of all ages, and you will be sure to find interest in these no matter what age or gender you belong to.

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